Orly Anan x Mesobis

From ancestral knowledge to LatinxFuturism, Colombian artist Orly Anan teams up with composing duo GEORGIA and director Pietro Coppolecchia to bring to life a personification of the Mesobis gomitas in a Latin American sonic-fiction journey through space & time.  


In early 2022, Mesobis teamed up with Mexico City based Orly Anan to create real life characters representing the Mesobis gomitas in its classic flavors: Açaí, Mango con Chile and Tamarindo con Chamoy. These characters were brought to life by Punkak (Jewels Zapata, Alex Corzetti, & Sofia Polo), a movement-based art group whose original performances captured the effect of the gomitas themselves, with Açaí being Indica (purple), Tamarindo being Hybrid (Red) and Mango being Sativa (Yellow).  


Orly Anan is a visual artist interested in the mysticism of everyday life. As covered by WePresent, Orly experiments with the intersection of ritual and popular culture, as well as Anthropocosmic Surrealism. Orly was immediately drawn to the idea of bringing our gomitas to life, transfiguring them into sacred deities. She believes that all of us, as humans, have a spiritual need to connect with something bigger than ourselves. Orly Anan hopes that through her manipulation of reality, her art can serve as a vessel to help people connect to their most ancestral selves. 


Directed and shot by Pietro Coppolecchia, the video campaign was sent to the composing duo GEORGIA (Formed by Justin Tipp and Brian Close). The result is a sonic-fiction journey through space & time. All of this is complemented by the campaign stills, beautifully shot by Viridiana.


Campaign Stills 

Orly Anan x Mesobis "Tamarindo"
Orly Anan x Mesobis "Acai"
Orly Anan x Mesobis "Mango"
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