Our purpose with Mesobis is simple – to connect Latin heritage with the rest of the world; celebrating the roots, culture, and culinary vibrance of Latin America.

Mesobis is a community of cannabis enthusiasts on a collective mission to bridge cultures through space and time. We stand committed to celebrating cannabis’ historical significance and ensuring its rightful place in society.

Playing an integral role in shaping our culture, cannabis has inspired endless people to find themselves and feel their best. Now it’s time this magical plant became available in a way that feels comfortable, familiar, and within our control.
Our gomitas (or gummies) are a celebration of Latin America reimagined for the modern cannabis enthusiast—merging ancient customs with contemporary lifestyles. Inspired by Latin America’s rich flavors and shaped to reflect our ancient heritage, Mesobis’ blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids and other natural compounds indigenous to the cannabis plant was created to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.
Join us in the Mesosphere – as part of our community, your insights and experiences are always welcome. @mesobis